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Type: Patent
Title: High-efficiency method and system for sensitive image detection
Author: Hu, Weiming
Zuo, Haiqiang
Wu, Ou
Chen, Yunfei
Li, Xi
Xie, Nianhua
Zhu, Mingliang
Issue Date: 2010
Assignee: Institute of Automation
Chinese Academy of Sciences
School/Discipline: School of Computer Science
Contributor: Liang Airong
Statement of
Invented by Y. Chen, W. Hu, X. Li, O. Wu, N. Xie, M. Zhu, H. Zuo; Assigned to Institute of Automation and Chinese Academy of Sciences; Liang Airong agent for inventors.
Abstract: The invention discloses a high-efficiency method and a high-efficiency system for sensitive image detection. The method comprises that sensitive image samples and normal image samples are collected to establish a training set and to extract interest points, the interest points are filtered in combination with a skin color model, the interest points unrelated to skin colors are taken out and the interest points related to the skin colors are kept, local invariant characteristics at the interest points are extracted and are clustered, a data-driven tree pyramid model is established, and the multi-resolution histogram characteristics of each image are extracted on the basis; the similarity of any two images is calculated by using pyramid matching algorithm and a kernel function matrix is formed; and the obtained kernel function matrix is used to train a support vector machine classifier to obtain the parameters of the classifier and a new image sample is detected to determine whether the new image sample is a sensitive image. The invention can conduct high-efficiency detection and filtration to the sensitive images on the internet to enable the vast juvenile to enjoy the convenience brought by the internet and to protect the vast juvenile against the harmfulness of bad information.
Keywords: CN 200810240942
Description: PATENT: Y. Chen, W. Hu, X. Li, O. Wu, N. Xie, M. Zhu, H. Zuo (Assignee: Institute of Automation and Chinese Academy of Sciences). CN 200810240942 filed Dec. 24, 2008; published Jun. 30, 2010.
Registered under alternate title: Efficient sensitive image detection algorithm and its application
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