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1997A boundary element method for a second order elliptic partial differential equation with variable coefficientsAng, W.; Kusuma, J.; Clements, D.
1999A boundary element method for generalized plane thermoelastic deformations of anistropic elastic mediaAng, W.; Clements, D.; Cooke, T.
2006A boundary integral formulation for the indentation of an anisotropic bi-layered elastic slabAng, W.; Sridhar, I.; Clements, D.; Liu, G.; First International Conference on Computational Methods. (2004 : Singapore)
1999A complex variable boundary element method for a class of boundary value problems in anisotropic thermoelasticityAng, W.; Clements, D.; Cooke, T.
2003A dual-reciprocity boundary element method for a class of elliptic boundary value problems for non-homogenous anisotropic mediaAng, W.; Clements, D.; Vahdati, N.
1999A hypersingular boundary integral equation for a class of antiplane multiple crack problems for inhomogeneous elastic materialsAng, W.; Clements, D.; Cooke, T.
1999A Hypersingular Boundary Integral Equation for Antiplane Crack Problems for a Class of Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Elastic MaterialsAng, W.; Clements, D.; Cooke, T.
1997A note on antiplane deformations of inhomogeneous elastic materialsClements, D.; Kusuma, J.; Ang, W.
1996A Periodic Array of Staggered Planar Cracks in an Anistropic Elastic MediumClements, D.; Ang, W.
2000CVBEM for a class of linear crack problemsAng, W.; Clements, D.; Dehghan, M.
1999Hypersingular Integral Equations for a Thermoelastic Problem of Multiple Planar Cracks in an Anisotropic MediumAng, W.; Clements, D.
1995Hypersingular integral equations for multiple interacting cracks in an elastic layered material under antiplane shear stressesClements, D.; Ang, W.
2006On a generalised plane strain crack problem for inhomogeneous anisotropic elastic materialsClements, D.; Ang, W.
2006On the indentation of an inhomogeneous anisotropic elastic material by multiple straight rigid punchesClements, D.; Ang, W.