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2012Carbon nanotori as traps for atoms and ionsChan, Y.; Cox, B.; Hill, J.
2012Patch dynamics for macroscale modelling in one dimensionBunder, J.; Roberts, A.; Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference (4 Dec 2011 - 7 Dec 2011 : Australia)
2012Averaging approximation to singularly perturbed nonlinear stochastic wave equationsLv, Y.; Roberts, A.
2012Average and deviation for slow-fast stochastic partial differential equationsWang, W.; Roberts, A.
2011Polyhedral models and geometric structures for nanotubesLee, Richard K. F.
2011General rolled-up and polyhedral models for carbon nanotubesLee, K.; Cox, B.; Hill, J.
2010Design of a two-state shuttle memory deviceLee, K.; Hill, J.
2010Managing river flow in arid regions with matrix analytic methodsFisher, A.; Green, D.; Metcalfe, A.
2010Choose inter-element coupling to preserve self-adjoint dynamics in multiscale modelling and computationRoberts, A.
2010Computer algebra compares the stochastic superslow manifold of an averaged SPDE with that of the original slow-fast SPDERoberts, A.
2009Refined MDP-based branch-and-fix algorithm for the Hamiltonian cycle problemEjov, V.; Filar, J.; Haythorpe, M.; Nguyen, G.
2009On the beneficial impact of strong correlations for anomaly detectionRoughan, M.
2008Elementary Calculus of Financial MathematicsRoberts, A.
2008A coupled damage-plasticity model for concrete based on thermodynamic principles: Part 1: model formulation and parameter identificationNguyen, G.; Houlsby, G.
2008A coupled damage-plasticity model for concrete based on thermodynamic principles: Part II: non-local regularization and numerical implementationNguyen, G.; Houlsby, G.
2008Development of an approach to constitutive modelling of concrete: isotropic damage coupled with plasticityNguyen, G.; Korsunsky, A.
2008Internet scalability: properties and evolutionRoughan, M.; Uhlig, S.; Willinger, W.
2008The need for simulation in evaluating anomaly detectorsRingberg, H.; Roughan, M.; Rexford, J.
2008Quantitative analysis of incorrectly-configured bogon-filter detectionArnold, J.; Maennel, O.; Flavel, A.; McMahon, J.; Roughan, M.; Australasian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (2008 : Adelaide, Australia)
2007The effect of disturbances on the flows under a sluice gate and past an inclined plateBinder, B.; Vanden-Broeck, J.