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2007The solution of a free boundary problem related to environmental management systemsElliott, R.; Filinkov, A.
2007Low-dimensional modelling of a generalized Burgers equationLi, Z.; Roberts, A.
2007The Mekong - applications of value at risk (VaR) and conditional value at risk (CVaR) simulation to the benefits costs and consequences of water resources development in a large river basinWebby, R.; Adamson, P.; Boland, J.; Howlett, P.; Metcalfe, A.; Piantadosi, J.
2007Traffic matrix estimation method and apparatusDuffield, N.; Greenberg, A.; Klincewicz, J.; Roughan, M.; Zhang, Y.
2006Option pricing for GARCH models with Markov switchingElliott, R.; Siu, T.; Chan, L.
2006A hidden Markov approach to the forward premium puzzleElliott, R.; Han, B.
2006Binomial Models in FinanceVan Der Hoek, J.; Elliott, R.
2006The effect on survival of early detection of breast cancer in South AustraliaTallis, George M.; Leppard, Phillip I.; O'Neill, Terence J.
2006Can D-branes wrap nonrepresentable cycles?Evslin, Jarah; Sati, Hicham Hisham
2006On positivity of Fourier transformsTuck, Ernest Oliver
2006Steady free-surface flow past an uneven channel bottomBinder, B.; Dias, F.; Vanden-Broeck, J.
2006A 3-D non-hydrostatic pressure model for small amplitude free surface flowsLee, J.; Teubner, M.; Nixon, J.; Gill, P.
2006Topology, braids and mixing in fluidsThiffeault, J.; Finn, M.
2006On mysteriously missing T-duals, H-flux and the T-duality GroupVarghese, M.; Rosenberg, J.; Ge, M.; Zhang, W.
2006The Bi-Mesh Survivable Network – Fast Recovery from Node Failure in MPLS enabled NetworksNorthcote, B.; Australian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference 2006 (Dec. 4-6 : Melbourne, Aust.)
2006On a generalised plane strain crack problem for inhomogeneous anisotropic elastic materialsClements, D.; Ang, W.
2006Topological chaos in spatially periodic mixersFinn, M.; Thiffeault, J.; Gouillart, E.
2006Stochastic elastohydrodynamics of a microcantilever oscillating near a wallClarke, Richard John; Jensen, O. E.; Billingham, J.; Pearson, A. P.; Williams, P. M.
2006Capital alloction in insurance: Economic capital and the allocation of the default option valueSherris, M.; van der Hoek, John
2006On the indentation of an inhomogeneous anisotropic elastic material by multiple straight rigid punchesClements, D.; Ang, W.