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2005Traffic matrix reloaded: Impact of routing changesTeixeira, R.; Duffield, N.; Rexford, J.; Roughan, M.; Dovrolis, C.
1999A Tree Hollow Dynamics Simulation ModelBall, Ian R.; Lindenmayer, David B.; Possingham, Hugh Philip
1995Triggered batch movement in queueing networksHenderson, W.; Northcote, B.; Taylor, P.
2002Truncation and augmentation of level-independent QBD processesLatouche, Guy G.; Taylor, Peter G.
2002Two-point formulae of Euler typeMatic, M.; Pearce, Charles Edward Miller; Pecaric, Josip
1996Unbiased estimation of multi-fractal dimensions of finite data setsRoberts, A.; Cronin, A.
2000The unified treatment of some inequalities of Ostrowski and Simpson typesCuljak, V.; Pearce, Charles E. M.; Pecaric, Josip
2000Unsteady stenosis flow prediction: a comparative study of non-Newtonian models with operator splitting schemeSiauw, W.; Ng, E.; Mazumdar, J.
2003A useful bound for region merging algorithms in a Bayesian modelTao, T. C.; Crisp, D. J.; Computer Science 2003 Twenty-Sixth Australasian Computer Science Conference (4 February 2003 : Adelaide, Australia)
2002Using the Hull and White two factor model in bank treasury risk managementElliott, R.; Van Der Hoek, J.; Geman, H.; Madan, D.; Pliska, S.; Vorst, T.
1997The valuation of American options with the method of linesMeyer, G. H.; van der Hoek, John
1999Very Viscous Flows Driven by Gravity with Particular Application to Slumping of Molten GlassStokes, Y.
2006Watching data streams toward a multi-homed sink under routing changes introduced by a BGP beaconLi, J.; Bush, R.; Mao, Z.; Griffin, T.; Roughan, M.; Stutzbach, D.; Purpus, E.; Roughan, M.; Allman, M.; Passive and Active Measurement Conference (2006 : Adelaide, South Australia)
1999Wave-Mean Flow Interactions in Thermally Stratified Poiseuille FlowDenier, James Patrick; Stott, Jillian A. K.
1996Weakly nonlinear wave motions in a thermally stratified boundary layerDenier, James Patrick; Mureithi, Eunice W.
1995Weakly nonlinear wave motions in a thermally stratified boundary layerDenier, James Patrick; Mureithi, Eunice W.
2002What is a unit of capacity worth?Chiera, Belinda A.; Taylor, Peter Gerrard
2000When is a MAP poisson?Bean, N.; Green, D.
2001White noise approach to interest rate modelsFilinkov, A.; Van Der Hoek, J.; Quantitative Methods in Finance Conference (2001 : Sydney, Australia)
2001Working memory in posttraumatic stress disorder - An event-related potential studyGalletly, C.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Weber, D.