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2006Data-recursive smoother formulae for partially observed discrete-time Markov chainsElliott, R.; Malcolm, W.
2002Decay rates of discrete phase-type distributions with infinitely-many phasesBean, N.; Nielsen, B.; Latouche, G.; Taylor, P.; Matrix-Analytic Methods Theory and Applications (14 July 2002 : Adelaide, Australia)
2000Deformations of carbon-fiber-reinforced yacht mastsClements, D.; Cooke, T.
2010Design of a two-state shuttle memory deviceLee, K.; Hill, J.
2004Designing follow-up intervalsRaab, G.; Davies, J.; Salter, A.
2003Determining rotational deformity in broken forearmsStokes, Y.
2005Deterministic and stochastic modelling of endosome escape by Staphylococcus aureus: "quorum" sensing by a single bacteriumKoerber, A.; King, J.; Williams, P.
2002Deterministic modelsMetcalfe, A.
2005Development in International Financial PoliciesGriffith-Jones, S.; Gottschalk, R.; Rosser, A.; OECD
2005Development of a 3D non-hydrostatic pressure model for free surface flowsLee, J.; Teubner, M.; Nixon, J.; Gill, P.
2008Development of an approach to constitutive modelling of concrete: isotropic damage coupled with plasticityNguyen, G.; Korsunsky, A.
1996Diel Vertical Migration: Modelling Light Mediated MechanismsRichards, Shane A.; Possingham, Hugh Philip; Noye, J.
2003Diffusive mass transfer and its effect upon boundary-layer flowsHalatchev, I.; Denier, J.; Armfield, S.; Morgan, P.; Srinivas, K.; International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (2nd : 2002 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
1999Discrete Time Filter for a Doubly Stochastic Poisson Process and other Exponential Noise ModelsManton, J.; Elliott, R.; Krishnamurthy, V.
2000Disease surveillance and data collection issues in epidemic modellingSolomon, P.; Isham, V.
2005Diversity sensitivity and multimodal Bayesian statistical analysis by relative entropyLeipnik, R.; Pearce, C.
2002Drying and curing of stains and lacquers used in furniture finishingStokes, Y.; Pendleton, P.; Hewitt, J.; White, K.; Mathematics-In-Industry Study Group (2001 : Adelaide, Australia)
1997Dynamic and equilibrium behaviour of controlled loss networksBean, N.; Gibbens, R.; Zachary, S.
1995Dynamic effective bandwidths using network observation and the bootstrapBean, N.
2003Dynamics of the cell and its extracellular matrix - A simple mathematical approachSaha, A.; Mazumdar, J.