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1995Kirillov theory for divisible nilpotent groupsPearce, Charles E. M.; Carey, Alan L.; Moran, William
1995A laminar roughness boundary conditionTuck, E. O.; Kouzoubov, A.
1998Large wavenumber vortices in time-periodic flowsBlennerhassett, P. J.; Denier, James Patrick; Bassom, Andrew Peter
2004Large-Reynolds-number asymptotics of the Berman problemCox, Stephen Michael; King, J. R.
1995Larval dispersion along a straight coast with tidal currents: Complex distribution patterns from a simple modelRichards, Shane Anthony; Possingham, Hugh Philip; Noye, B. J.
2000Length isn't everything - use of the Macedonian sarissa in the time of Alexander the GreatDickinson, Rowland Ernest
2000Level-phase independence for GI/M/1-type markov chainsLatouche, Guy G.; Taylor, Peter G.
2005Lifting surfaces with circular planformsTuck, E. O.; Lazauskas, L
2001Linearised cavity theory with smooth detachmentHaese, Peter Michael
2000Local reconfiguration of ATM virtual path connection networksBerezner, S. A.; de Kock, J. M.; Krzesinski, A. E.; Taylor, Peter G.
1997The Logarithmic Mean is a MeanMond, B.; Pearce, Charles E. M.; Pecaric, Josip
2007Low-dimensional modelling of a generalized Burgers equationLi, Z.; Roberts, A.
2004Macrophage-tumour interactions: in vivo dynamicsByrne, Helen M.; Cox, Stephen Michael; Kelly, C. E.
2010Managing river flow in arid regions with matrix analytic methodsFisher, A.; Green, D.; Metcalfe, A.
2002MAP/PH/1 queues with level-dependent feedback and their departure processesGreen, D.; Latouche, G.; Taylor, P.; Fourth International Conference on Matrix-Analytic Methods in Stochastic Models (2002 : Adelaide, Aust.)
2002Martingale methods for analysing single-server queuesRoughan, M.; Pearce, C.
2001Martingale methods in dynamic portfolio allocation with distortion operatorsHamada, Mahmoud; Sherris, Michael; van der Hoek, John; Quantitative Methods in Finance Conference (2001 : Sydney, Australia)
2002Mathematical methods for spatially cohesive reserve designMcDonnell, M.; Possingham, H.; Ball, I.; Cousins, E.
1995Mathematical modelling of asymmetric stenosis in three dimensionsMazumdar, J.; Ang, Keng Cheng
1998Mathematical Modelling of Peristaltic Transport of a Non-Newtonian FluidMernone, A.; Mazumdar, J.