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2003Network reliability estimation using the tree cut and merge algorithm with importance samplingHui, K.; Bean, N.; Kraetzl, M.; Kroese, D.; MacGregor, M.; International Workshop on the Design of Reliable Communication Networks (4th : 2003 : Banff, Alberta, Canada)
2004Neural mechanisms for analog to digital conversionMcDonnell, M.; Abbott, D.; Pearce, C.; Faraone, L.; Varadan, V.K.; BioMEMS and Nanotechnology (1st : 2003 : Perth, Australia)
1998Neural Network Approach for the Classification of Heart Disease DataJain, R.; Mazumdar, J.
1998Neural Network ParadigmsJain, R. K.; Johnson, R. P.; Jain, Lakhmi C.; Babri, H.; Chen, L.; Saratchandran, P.; Mital, D. P.
1998Neutrally Stable Wave Motions in Thermally Stratified Poiseuille-Couette FlowDenier, James Patrick; Bassom, Andrew Peter
2001New estimates for the Kullback-Leibler distance and its applicationsIDragomir, Sever S.; Gluscevic, V.; International Conference on Nonlinear Functional Analysis (6th : 2000 : Gyeongsang, Korea)
1998New inequalities for the moments of guessing mappingDragomir, Sever S.; van der Hoek, John
1998Nonlinear wave motions in stratisfied boundary layersDenier, James Patrick; Stott, Jillian A. K.; Mureithi, Eunice W.
2004Nonlinear-cobweb dynamics in the approach to equilibriumGaffney, J.; Pearce, C.
2003A note on the sensitivities of self-reporting and screen detection of primary breast tumoursTallis, George M.; Leppard, Phillip I.; O'Neill, Terence J.
2000Numerical design tools for thermal replication of optical-quality surfacesStokes, Y.
2003Numerical error in groundwater flow and solute transport simulationWoods, J.; Teubner, M.; Simmons, C.; Narayan, K.
2000Numerical model of electrical potential within a human headRasser, P.; Teubner, M.; Clark, C.
2003Numerical model of electrical potential within the human headNixon, J.; Rasser, P.; Teubner, M.; Clark, C.; Bottema, M.
1999Numerical solution of a generalized elliptic partial differential eigenvalue problemOtto, Stephen Robert; Denier, James Patrick
2000Numerical study of the stability of some explicit finite-difference methods for oscillatory advectionNoye, B.; McInerney, D.
2004Nxf and Fbxo33: novel seizure-responsive genes in miceFlood, W.; Moyer, R.; Tsykin, A.; Sutherland, G.; Koblar, S.
2001OBITUARY Associate Professor W. (Bill) Henderson (1943–2001)Pearce, Charles Edward Miller; Taylor, Peter; Tuck, Ernest Oliver
2002On a convexity problem arising in queueing theory and electromagnetismPeake, M.; Pearce, Charles Edward Miller; International Conference on Nonlinear Functional Analysis (6th : 2000 : Gyeongsang, Korea)
2006On a generalised plane strain crack problem for inhomogeneous anisotropic elastic materialsClements, D.; Ang, W.