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2003Searching for persistence in unregulated River Murray streamflowsWhiting, J.; Lambert, M.; Metcalfe, A.; Walker, K.; Boyd, M.; Ball, J.; Babister, M.; Green, J.; International Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (28th : 2003 : Wollongong, N.S.W.)
2004Second moments of a matrix analytic model of machine maintenanceGreen, D.; Metcalfe, A.; IMA International Conference on Modelling in Industrial Maintenance and Reliability (5th : 2004 : Salford, U.K.)
1996Secrets of network successBean, N.
2002Self-similar traffic and network dynamicsErramilli, A.; Roughan, M.; Veitch, D.; Willinger, W.
2002Sequential Monte Carlo state estimation for Poisson observations at discrete timesMalcolm, William Paul; Gordon, N. J.; Data and Information Fusion Symposium, Signal Processing and Communications Symposium and Decision Control Symposium (2002 : Adelaide, Australia)
2002Sequential Monte Carlo tracking schemes for maneuvering targets with passive rangingMalcolm, William Paul; Doucet, A.; Zollo, S.; Fusion 2002 (7 July 2002 : Annapolis, Maryland, USA)
2000Shannon's and related inequalities in information theoryMatic, M.; Pearce, Charles E. M.; Pecaric, Josip
2001Ship-wave patterns in the spirit of MichellTuck, E. O.; Scullen, David Charles; Lazauskas, Leo Victor; IUTAM Symposium on Free Surface Flows (10 July 2000 : Birmingham, UK)
1999Short rate analysis and marked point processesElliott, R.; Tsoi, A.; Lui, S.
2005Simplifying the synthesis of Internet traffic matricesRoughan, M.
1997Slow Slumping of a Very Viscous Liquid BridgeTuck, E.; Stokes, Y.; Schwartz, L.
1999Some Comparison Theorems for the Mean-value Characterization of "Useful" Information MeasuresMatic, M.; Pearce, Charles E. M.; Pecaric, Josip
1996Some generalisations of the Beckenbach-Drescher inequalityGuljas, B.; Pearce, Charles E. M.; Pecaric, Josip
1995Some generalizations of the Beckenbach-Dresher inequalityPearce, Charles E. M.; Guljas, B.; Pecaric, Josip
1995Some improvements to the fundamental inequality for Lp normsPearce, Charles E. M.; Pecaric, Josip
1997Some Inequalities Related to Holder's InequalityGuljas, B.; Pearce, Charles E. M.; Pecaric, Josip
1995Some inequalities related to Holders inequalityPearce, Charles E. M.; Guljas, B.; Pecaric, Josip
2001Some new bounds for singular values and eigenvalues of matrix productsLu, L-Z.; Pearce, Charles Edward Miller
1996Some properties of the rate matrices in level dependent quasi-birth-and-death processes with a countable number of phasesRamaswami, V.; Taylor, Peter G.
2002Some refinements of Shannon's inequalitiesMatic, M.; Pearce, Charles Edward Miller; Pecaric, Josip