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1998Tandem Submerged Cylinders Each Subject to Zero DragTuck, E. O.; Scullen, David Charles
1995The temporal stability of a developing jet: A model problemStott, Jillian A. K.; Denier, James Patrick
2005The "robust yet fragile" nature of the InternetDoyle, J.; Alderson, D.; Li, L.; Low, S.; Roughan, M.; Shalunov, S.; Tanaka, R.; Willinger, W.
2002The 'Atakwa' incubator for bacteriological testingBrown, R.; Curtis, T.; Metcalfe, A.
2006The Bi-Mesh Survivable Network – Fast Recovery from Node Failure in MPLS enabled NetworksNorthcote, B.; Australian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference 2006 (Dec. 4-6 : Melbourne, Aust.)
1995The boundary element method for linear partial differential equations with variable coefficientsClements, D.
2005The cross-entropy method for network reliability estimationHui, K.; Bean, N.; Kraetzl, M.; Kroese, D.
2003The data processing inequality and stochastic resonanceMcDonnell, M.; Stocks, N.; Pearce, C.; Abbott, D.; Jaenisch, H.M.; Handley, J.W.; Noise in Complex Systems and Stochastic Dynamics (2003 : Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
2005The dominant wave mode within a trailing line vortexDenier, J.; Stott, J.
2004The effect of World War 1 and the 1918 influenza pandemic on cohort life expectancy of South Australian males born in 1881-1900Leppard, P.; Tallis, G.; Pearce, C.
2004The effect of zero-mean suction on Görtler vortices: a receptivity approachDenier, J.; Behnia, M.; Lin, W.; McBain, G.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (15th : 2004 : Sydney, Australia)
2004The effects of social networks on disability in older AustraliansGiles, L.; Metcalf, P.; Glonek, G.; Luszcz, M.; Andrews, G.
2003The generalised Hadamard inequality, g-convexity and functional Stolarsky meansNeuman, E.; Pearce, C.; Pecaric, J.; Simic, V.
2006The instability of the flow in a suddenly blocked pipeJewell, N.; Denier, J.
2006The many facets of Internet topology and trafficAlderson, D.; Chang, H.; Roughan, M.; Uhlig, S.; Willinger, W.
2007The Mekong - applications of value at risk (VaR) and conditional value at risk (CVaR) simulation to the benefits costs and consequences of water resources development in a large river basinWebby, R.; Adamson, P.; Boland, J.; Howlett, P.; Metcalfe, A.; Piantadosi, J.
2008The need for simulation in evaluating anomaly detectorsRingberg, H.; Roughan, M.; Rexford, J.
2003The nonparallel evolution of nonlinear short waves in buoyant boundary layersDenier, J.; Bassom, A.
1998The Output Process of an MMPP/M/1 QueueBean, N.; Green, D.; Taylor, P.
1995The quasi-stationary behavior of quasi-birth-and-death processesBean, N.; Bright, L.; Latouche, G.; Pearce, C.; Pollett, P.; Taylor, P.