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2003Traffic matrices and network topologyRoughan, M.; UCLA IPAM Workshop (2003 : Lake Arrowhead, CA, USA)
2002Performance estimation for short-lived TCP sourcesRoughan, M.; Erramilli, A.; Veitch, D.; IEEE International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling, Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks (9th : 2002 : New York, USA)
2004IP forwarding anomalies and improving their detection using multiple data sourcesRoughan, M.; Griffin, T.; Mao, M.; Greenberg, A.; Freeman, B.; Bennett, J.; Allman, M.; Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Data Communication conference (2004 : Portland, Oregon)
2004Combining routing and traffic data for detection of IP forwarding anomaliesRoughan, M.; Griffin, T.; Mao, M.; Greenberg, A.; Freeman, B.; Coffman Jr, E.; Joint International Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems ( 2004 : New York, USA)
2006Is BGP update storm a sign of trouble: Observing the internet control and data planes during internet wormsRoughan, M.; Li, J.; Bush, R.; Mao, Z.; Griffin, T.; Obaidat, M.; International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (2003 : Calgary, Canada)
2006Watching data streams toward a multi-homed sink under routing changes introduced by a BGP beaconLi, J.; Bush, R.; Mao, Z.; Griffin, T.; Roughan, M.; Stutzbach, D.; Purpus, E.; Roughan, M.; Allman, M.; Passive and Active Measurement Conference (2006 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2000A martingale analysis of hysteretic overload controlRoughan, M.; Pearce, C.
2007Traffic matrix estimation method and apparatusDuffield, N.; Greenberg, A.; Klincewicz, J.; Roughan, M.; Zhang, Y.
2006A comparison of Poisson and uniform sampling for active measurementsRoughan, M.
2002Self-similar traffic and network dynamicsErramilli, A.; Roughan, M.; Veitch, D.; Willinger, W.