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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Second moments of a matrix analytic model of machine maintenanceGreen, D.; Metcalfe, A.; IMA International Conference on Modelling in Industrial Maintenance and Reliability (5th : 2004 : Salford, U.K.)
2002Stochastic models and simulationMetcalfe, A.
2003A non-parametric hidden Markov model for climate state identificationLambert, M.; Whiting, J.; Metcalfe, A.
2002The 'Atakwa' incubator for bacteriological testingBrown, R.; Curtis, T.; Metcalfe, A.
2002The value of mathematical modelsMetcalfe, A.
2002Higher-order statistical moments of wave-induced response of offshore structures via efficient sampling techniquesNajafian, G.; Burrows, R.; Tickell, R.; Metcalfe, A.
2002Coastal flood modelling: Allowing for dependence between rainfall and tidal anomalyAhmer, I.; Metcalfe, A.; Lambert, M.; Deans, J.; Pemberton, M.; Turner, I.; Jacobs, P.; Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference (5th : 2002 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2003Electroviscous journal bearing for active control of vibration of an out-of-balance rotorMetcalfe, A.; Burdess, J.; Mannings, V.; Petrie, A.; Petrie, C.; May, R.; Blyth, W.; Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference (6th : 2003 : Sydney, Australia)
2005Reliability of supply between production linesGreen, D.; Metcalfe, A.
2003Stochastic modelling of tidal anomaly for estimation of flood risk in coastal areasAhmer, I.; Lambert, M.; Leonard, M.; Metcalfe, A.; Boyd, M.; Ball, J.; Babister, M.; Green, J.; International Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (28th : 2003 : Wollongong, N.S.W.)