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This collection contains Honours, Masters and Ph.D by coursework theses from University of Adelaide postgraduate students within the School of Physical Sciences. The material has been approved as making a significant contribution to knowledge.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Structure and stratigraphy of the Sherbrook Supersequence: 3-D seismic analysis of growth faults in the Outer Otway BasinBrown, J. W.
2019Surface-groundwater hydrological interaction: an isotope geochemical case study on the Bird in Hand Mine South Australia.Axford, I. C.
2019Lake carbonate geochemistry as a proxy for paleohydrology: a validation-in-time at West Basin Lake, VictoriaDean, C. E.
2019Exhumation history of the Qilian Shan, constrained by apatite U-Pb & fission track thermochronologyBoutsalis, C.
2019Geochronological analysis of the McArthur and Tawallah groups, McArthur Basin: age constraints, provenance and implication for basin evolutionCruz, C. J.
2019Testing the redox coupling between chromium and nitrogen isotopes in modern and ancient redox-stratified depositional systems: the Coorong Lagoon and the Greater McArthur BasinLiebelt, S. R.
2019An investigation into chalcopyrite and dolerite dykes at the George Fisher Pb-Zn-(Ag) Mine, NW Queensland, AustraliaKuys, J. H.
2019Geochemical evolution and alteration styles within the Gawler Range Volcanics, South AustraliaHill, J.
2019Geochemical analysis of the McArthur and Tawallah Groups, McArthur Basin: chemostratigraphy & palaeo-redox proxies using shales and carbonatesMcFadzean, G. J.
2019Copper isotope method development for determining the source of mineralised provincesLowczak, C. R.
2019Floods and droughts in the Murray-Darling Basin: new insights from Lake Alexandrina.McRae, C.
2018Tracing local hydrology and water source use of Eucalyptus largiflorens on the Calperum Floodplain using strontium, oxygen and deuterium isotopesHarland, A. N.
2018U-Pb geochronology & geochemistry of apatite within the Marshall Shear Zone of the Ernest Henry Deposit, NW QueenslandGriffin, A.
2018Late Cambrian adakitic granite at Kinchina Quarry: implications for the evolution of the Delamerian OrogenGeorge, C. M.
2018The geological relationship between Kanmantoo Cu-Au deposit mineralisation, hydrothermal metasomatism and igneous intrusivesKimpton, B. J.
2018Descent into the Cryogenian; secular trends in seawater chemistry offer insights into pre-Sturtian paleoenvironmentsBishop, C. M. B.
2018Stable isotopic signatures of fossilised rodent teeth: climate change in south-eastern Australia during the late Quaternary and faunal responseBampton, T. L.
2018Mineral mapping and in-situ Rb-Sr dating of Proterozoic glauconitesAl-Sarakhi, H. M.
2018Carbon and strontium isotope chemostratigraphy of the Neoproterozoic carbonates from the Amadeus Basin, NT.Al-Khanjari, H. S. N.
2018The Eyre Peninsula conductivity anomaly, South AustraliaLoader, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 532