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2019The volatility of survey measures of culture and its consequencesZanella, G.; Bellani, M.
2017The Zollverein and the formation of a customs unionPloeckl, F.
2017National rules, regional differences? Explaining the regional efficiency of a public monopolist: the case of the German ReichspostPloeckl, F.
2017Testing for stochastic dominance in social networksDoko Tchatoka, F.; Garrard, R.; Masson, V.
2017Monetary policy, target inflation and the great moderation: an empirical investigationHaque, Q.
2016Monetary policy and indeterminacy after the 2001 slumpDoko Tchatoka, F.; Groshenny, N.; Haque, Q.G.; Weder, M.
2016Monetary policy and indeterminacy after the 2001 slumpDoko Tchatoka, F.I.R.M.I.N.; Groshenny, N.I.C.O.L.A.S.; Haque, Q.G.; Weder, M.A.R.K.
2015It's all in the mail: the economic geography of the German empirePloeckl, F.
2014Indeterminacy and learning: an analysis of monetary policy in the Great InflationLubik, T.; Matthes, C.
2013Public, private or both? Analysing factors influencing the labour supply of medical specialistsCheng, T.; Kalb, G.; Scott, A.
2012Space, settlements, towns: the influence of geography and market access on settlement distribution and urbanizationPloeckl, F.
2010Borders, market access and urban growth; the case of Saxon towns and the ZollvereinPloeckl, F.
2006Improved measurement of national income using a Ricardian trade modelBinenbaum, E.; Wei, Z.; ESAM06 (04 Jul 2006 : Alice Springs, NT)
2005Towards a relational economics: Methodological comments on intellectual property strategy, industrial organisation, and economicsBinenbaum, Eran
2005Knight versus Herskovits: A methodologically charged debate in the 1940sBinenbaum, Eran
2005The power of the provisioning conceptBinenbaum, Eran