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Type: Text
Title: Section VI, 3c - Poison Bones and Bone Pointing Magic.
Author: Bates, Daisy
Issue Date: 7-Jul-2014
Abstract: Poison bones and bone pointing magic (9 p.) Warringan’s revenge (a story about a jealous wife), the story of Banjil (South West) (death of a mother and baby through magic), The Janga and Yungar (the story of the magic spirits of the returned dead and the captured man at Dargain) (South West) and spirits working their magic at the Bwaiee koolongur (Children’s Rock) (Swan district, Balbuk = informant) (8 p.) The Kergainbi Janga (South West) lived on the spirit ground and made magic on all those who entered the area, How a Yungar became Bulyaguttuk (South West) (story of how Doolyung became a sorcerer and passed his magic powers on to his son), Bibbulmun spirits and their customs and actions, The hunters and the women who magically moved a hut (Bunbury district), The two dolya and the boordinya or The spirits of the Fog and the Spirit being (South West) (two other versions of hut-shifting),various other stories and pieces of information: Jitti Jitti and Wej (Wagtail and Emu), Where the babies come from, The story of creation, The Weld Range Ochre mine (Murchison), stories from Swan district, Murchison, South (Yulbiring), Winnaitch, mythical Woggal – carpet snake, ghosts etc. Magic - Murchison, including rainmaking and poison bones
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