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Type: Conference paper
Title: Comparison of heaving buoy and oscillating flap wave energy converters
Author: Abu Bakar, M.
Green, D.
Metcalfe, A.
Najafian, G.
Citation: Proceedings of the 20th National Symposium on Mathematical Sciences - Research in Mathematical Sciences: A Catalyst for Creativity and Innovation, 2013 / pp.86-101
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Publisher Place: Online
Issue Date: 2013
Series/Report no.: AIP Conference Proceedings
ISBN: 9780735411500
ISSN: 0094-243X
Conference Name: National Symposium on Mathematical Sciences (2012 : Putrajaya, Malaysia)
Statement of
Mohd Aftar Abu Bakar, David A Green, Andrew V Metcalfe and G Najafian
Abstract: Waves offer an attractive source of renewable energy, with relatively low environmental impact, for communities reasonably close to the sea. Two types of simple wave energy converters (WEC), the heaving buoy WEC and the oscillating flap WEC, are studied. Both WECs are considered as simple energy converters because they can be modelled, to a first approximation, as single degree of freedom linear dynamic systems. In this study, we estimate the response of both WECs to typical wave inputs; wave height for the buoy and corresponding wave surge for the flap, using spectral methods. A nonlinear model of the oscillating flap WEC that includes the drag force, modelled by the Morison equation is also considered. The response to a surge input is estimated by discrete time simulation (DTS), using central difference approximations to derivatives. This is compared with the response of the linear model obtained by DTS and also validated using the spectral method. Bendat's nonlinear system identification (BNLSI) technique was used to analyze the nonlinear dynamic system since the spectral analysis was only suitable for linear dynamic system. The effects of including the nonlinear term are quantified.
Keywords: Wave energy converters; dynamic systems; spectral method
Rights: © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC
RMID: 0020128356
DOI: 10.1063/1.4801109
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