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2017Conflict in Sudan: Guns, Globalisation and Accelerated HistoryRadoslovich, Philip Edward
2015Changes in the Balawiy Bedouin Arabic dialect of Saudi Arabia 1985-2015Albalawi, Hend Saleh O
2013Curriculum renewal in English language teaching and learning in Albania: an exploration of the language learning pedagogy underpinning the teaching and learning of English in elementary schools in AlbaniaKuci, Irma
2009The art of saying no: A cross-cultural pragmatic comparison of Saudi and Australian refusal appropriateness applied in academic settingsAlhaidari, Abdulrahman Ahmad
2008A case study: how newcomers become experienced learners through interactions in an English as a second language classroom community.Nagao, Akiko
2008Hysteria as strategy: Exploring hysteria and madness as strategy in Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman and Alias GraceStreeter, Sarah
2007Deep and defiant : Dušan and Voitre Marek, two European émigré artists in post-war (South) AustraliaDonaldson, Cheri
2003Success in minority language revival programmes: a case study of Hawaiian, Irish and Kaurna/ Emma Louise Watts.Watts., Emma Louise
1998Language use and language attitudes in a rural South Australian community / presented by Tania H. SapinskiSapinski, Tania Helen
1998The Femme Fatale: theorising female power and subjectivity in Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace and The Robber BrideKulperger, Shelley
1994To delight and to profit : are schools in the early childhood area being offered a markedly different theatre experience since December 1991, when the Australia Council Drama Committee changed its funding guidelines?Mack, Tony
1993Racheschwur, Rosenfest und Traumszene : die Bedeutung des Rituals in drei Dramen KleistsMorris, Rachel
1983The bated shining sword : the Colonial Defence Force as a mirror of colonial society in South Australia, 1836-1901Wilkins., Len