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Type: Patent
Title: Systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment: Chemi-SELEX
Author: Gold, L.
Eaton, B.
Smith, D.
Wecker, M.
Jensen, K.
Issue Date: 1998
Assignee: Nexstar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Statement of
Inventors: Larry Gold, Bruce Eaton, Drew Smith, Matthew Wecker, Kirk Jensen. Assignee: NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Agents: Swanson & Bratschun LLC
Abstract: This application provides methods for identifying nucleic acid ligands capable of covalently interacting with targets of interest. The nucleic acids can be associated with various functional units. The method also allows for the identification of nucleic acids that have facilitating activities as measured by their ability to facilitate formation of a covalent bond between the nucleic acid, including its associated functional unit, and its target.
Description: Publication number US5705337 A Publication type Grant Application number US 08/400,440 Publication date Jan 6, 1998 Filing date Mar 8, 1995 Priority date Jun 11, 1990 Fee status Paid
Patent #: US5705337
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