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Type: Thesis
Title: Research contributions to paediatric dentistry in the areas of dental development, orofacial pathology, prevention, education and patient management.
Author: Brook, Alan
Issue Date: 2014
School/Discipline: School of Dentistry
Abstract: I am grateful for the opportunity to submit this summary of my research for the degree of D.D.Sc. at the University of Adelaide. This research relates particularly to the discipline of Paediatric Dentistry; this is my clinical speciality in which I hold a U.K. Platinum Clinical Excellence Award. My research contributions have emerged from undergraduate interests in basic science, particularly the development of the oral tissues and the dentition, and the clinical care of patients, principally child patients. As an undergraduate I had the opportunity to undertake a 'student demonstrationship in Dental Anatomy' for two years teaching junior students followed by a short research project. After qualification I undertook a three year training period of general practice and hospital courses combined with junior hospital posts, passing the examinations to become a Fellow in Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons on England. L then gained a Clinical Academic post in paediatric Dentistry and began my research training and publishing papers. I will provide in Section 1 an overview of the research component of my career as a clinical academic. To illustrate how my career pathway has related to the research publications, this first section includes a short curriculum vitae, emphasising the points relevant to research and listing my research qualifications, prizes, awards and funding. This is followed by a listing of the research students I have supervised and their awards and my research related editorial activities. For me, the research has benefited and opportunities have been created by the interaction with clinical, teaching and leadership roles. ln Section 2 there is an outline of the research cycle that I developed in planning my projects. Section 3 is the declaration of originality and a statement of the extent and nature of my contribution to each publication defined by my position in the list of authors of each paper. ln Section 4 there is a brief summary of each of the research themes, listing some of the key contributions to each topic. These themes are presented in the order: 1) Orofacial Pathology in Children 2) Prevention of Dental Diseases 3) Patient Management 4) Developments in Dental Education 5) Dental Development: normal and abnormal. The early papers were based around the anomalies of dental development and the oro-facial pathology of uncommon and rare conditions I was seeing and treating in children. My research thesis was an epidemiological and family study of the prevalence, clinical features, associations and aetiology of anomalies of tooth number, size and form. The prevention of dental disease was also a clear clinical need as was the management of children who were anxious and had special needs and these became additional ongoing research themes. When I became a Dean, my responsibilities included curriculum innovations and I added research in the delivery of dental care by undergraduates, particularly in relation to child patients, to the other ongoing research themes. Over recent years the opportunity has come to concentrate on the development of the dentition currently examining it as a Complex Adaptive System and as a paradigm for general biological development. ln Section 5 each theme will be considered in turn, providing in greater detail the main contributions in each area. For each theme, all the publications are listed. ln the accompanying text each is briefly mentioned to show the relevance to the topic. Then a selection of my papers is included in full to illustrate the contribution to advancing the area. These references are highlighted in bold in Section 5. ln Section 6, the Conclusion briefly summarises the key points form each section and outlines the aspects that cut across several themes. The present position in the principal theme of Dental Development is set out with current work and future plans.
Dissertation Note: Thesis (D.D.Sc.) -- University of Adelaide, School of Dentistry, 2014
Keywords: paediatric dentistry; dental development; orofacial pathology; patient management
Description: Title page, table of contents, overview and summary of works only. The complete thesis in print form is available from the University of Adelaide Library.
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