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Type: Creative work
Title: Royal Adelaide Hospital Site Design Competition. ‘The RARA’ entry, by Court, Tanya; Phillips, Pilkington, Harrison, Lake
Author: Court, T.
Pilkington, P.
Publisher Place:
Issue Date: 2013
Description: The International Open Ideas Competition for the Royal Adelaide Hospital Site was initiated by the Government of South Australia, Office for Design and Architecture SA as part of a larger exploratory public engagement process to garner ideas and support for future development of the site. Entries were judged anonymously. The engagement and competition process set a number of research questions with regard to both the way the public might contribute to or influence site development as well as specific problems regarding site constraints including heritage considerations, and the nature of potential uses, materiality, linkages and integration. As an open public ideas competition the process was committed to public engagement, both in the ways that design ideas could communicate effectively and with regard to consideration of public uses in the proposed outcome. As the team’s landscape architect Tanya Court played a key role in coordinating an approach to the overall site and context, as well as specific attitudes to the distinctive site planting. The propositions explored and tested in the entry were based on a metaphor of surgery for an ailing body, its various parts and systems diagnosed with specific afflictions. “The jury was impressed by the depth of research into the social and physical history and condition of the RAH site. This research was evidenced and brought to life at all scales by the design proposal; from the architecture to heritage, engineering and landscape...”
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