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dc.contributor.authorBodman Rae, J.en
dc.descriptionThe 32-minute Bodman Rae Viola Concerto is, at the international level, one of the most substantial and significant contributions to the viola repertory in recent years. It was commissioned by the International Viola Society for the 35th International Viola Congress. The European premiere, conducted by the composer on 12 April 2013, was broadcast nationally by Polish Radio 2 and introduced the work to a new, European audience.en
dc.publisherNFM Philharmonic Orchestra, Wroclaw, Poland.en
dc.titleEuropean Premiere of Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, by Charles Bodman Raeen
dc.typeCreative worken
dc.publisher.placeLutoslawski Philharmonic Hall, Wroclaw, Polanden
pubs.library.collectionMusic publications, scores & recorded worksen
dc.identifier.orcidBodman Rae, J. [0000-0002-1498-6750]en
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