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dc.contributor.authorBates, Daisy-
dc.description.abstractSongs and dances of the last Wanji-wanji – Eucla. Songs-the only songs of the last Wanji wanji (Wanna wa) [ceremony] performed in the Eucla (native name Yirrgili) Wanji wanji which finished in that area having been bartered from the northern pearl shell area (Darwin area perhaps 20 years earlier). Wanna wa (or Wanj wanji) whose last performance I saw in the Eucla area in 1913-14. Dances-an old All coastal [illeg.] Travelling Play beginning at (perhaps) Albany area (groups with plenty strong healthy healthy women [illeg.] and making its way [diagram follows – a rough trade map of much of Australia, where the ceremonies moved around and goods were exchanged.]en
dc.format.extentsongs 3 p., dances 5 p.en
dc.subject.otherWanji wanji, Wanna wa, ceremonies, trade, songs, dances, weapons, Australian Aborigines, Western Australia, Fortescue River (W.A.), Ashburton River (W.A.), Gascoyne River (W.A.), Molonglo, Thanduriri, Flinders Ranges (S.A.), Madheri Group, Adhungga, Bibbulmun, Dowie, Boundary Dam (W.A.), Eucla (S.A.), Esperance (W.A.), Albany (W.A.)en
dc.titleSeries 2, 6 - Songs of the last Wanji-Wanji - Eucla. ms. and dances ms.en
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