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Type: Journal article
Title: 复兴语言学:一个新的语言学分支
Other Titles: Towards a new branch of linguistics : Revival Linguistics
Author: Zuckermann, G.
Jia, X.
Citation: Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies, 2013; (4):100-106
Publisher: Beijing Yuyan DAxue
Issue Date: 2013
ISSN: 0257-9448
Statement of
Ghil’ad Zuckermann, 徐佳
Abstract: 本文旨在推动一门新的语言学学科和范式——复兴语言学(Revival Linguistics)的建立。由Zuckermann命名的复兴语言学建立在接触语言学之上,系统地研究在全世界范围内各种不同社会背景下产生的语言复兴行动的当地特点及普遍机制,并从某种语言复兴的实例中汲取可供比较借鉴的经验,以此为世界各地的语言复兴运动架设一座认识论的桥梁。希伯来语复兴的成功经验和仍处于起步阶段的澳大利亚土著语言复兴的实践表明,语言复兴存在着语言学上的制约条件。一旦掌握了这些语言学上的制约条件,便能对全世界范围内、尤其对将来中国的濒危语言和方言复兴提供借鉴和帮助。 = This paper means to promote the establishment of "Revival Linguistics"named by Zuckermann,a new linguistic discipline and paradigm modeled upon "Contact Linguistics",which studies comparatively and systematically the universal constraints,global mechanisms and local idio-syncrasies of a certain language in terms of the revival attempts across different sociological back-grounds. It draws a comparative view from one revival attempt to another,thus acting as an episte-mological bridge between parallel discourses in various local attempts to revive sleeping tongues all over the world. And the successful revival of Hebrew and the aboriginal languages in Australia dem-onstrate that there are linguistic constraints applicable to all revival attempts. Mastering them would be useful to save endangered languages and dialects in the world and thus have a special meaning for the revival of the endangered dialects in China.
Keywords: 复兴语言学; 语言复兴; 土著语言; 制约条件; Revival Linguistics; language revival; aboriginal languages; linguistic constraints
Description: Title: Fu Yin Yu Yan Xue: Yi Ge Xin de Yu Yan Xue Fen zhi Chinese journal title: 语言教学与研究 = Yuyan jiaoxue yu yanjiu
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