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dc.contributor.authorBates, Daisy-
dc.descriptionV, 14, 1: Bibbulmun ‘family tree’ 1 p. –“ important but I can’t read my pencilled notes”.en
dc.descriptionV, 14, 2: Boolardee pedigree 2 p. – names, some illegible, also notes about the burial of Booreeangooen
dc.descriptionV, 14, 3: 6 scrap pages, 1 blank. Notes, some illegible, some typescript being information about bones from Munggumindil and Windu.en
dc.descriptionV,14, 4 : 4 scrap pages, some illegible Weerra – wooden scoop, used by all aboriginal women, womankinds “first cradle” carries newborn babies, cooked babies, water, food (grubs, roots etc), portions of human meat etc etc. It is the woman’s “vade mecum” called weerra in Central Australia, thaggula in Nullarbor plain area, also Eucla district etc. The “r” is very much rolled. Milbarli – long tailed iguana. Have taken Joobaitch’s and other native photos to show Siding young fettlers wives my native photographs and tell them about my work. Must get these back into my diary on Thursday. I speak on Wednesday Aug. 12then
dc.descriptionV,14,5: 2 p. “…description of Eucla across the Bight…” rough notes about the sparrow, wiru wiru (caterpillar), Kooroo obsidian, baby food, neck charmsen
dc.descriptionV, 14,6: 3 p. Notes about DMB’s articles, people coming and going March 1941? These young fellows only stayed a few weeks. The old man and his brother in law came along to collect them for an initiation ceremony between Ooldea and Eucla?en
dc.description.abstractBoolardee pedigree, names, some illegible. Description of burial preparations for Booreeangoo, some lists of native names, vocabulary, notes to self, short list of articles sent to newspapers etc.en
dc.format.extentp.1-14 (various paper scraps)en
dc.subject.otherBooreeangoo, burial, Australian Aborigines, Western Australia, Day Dawn (W.A.), weerra, totems, Boolardee, genealogy, Booreangoo, Bibbulmunen
dc.titleSeries 5, 14 - Miscellaneous ms. notes concerning aborigines. 14 items.en
Appears in Collections:Section 5: Notes not for legends or included in Aborigines: Odd notes only

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