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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Research on the impact assessment of urbanization on air environment with urban environmental entropy model: a case studyWang, Q.; Yuan, X.; Ma, C.; Zhang, Z.; Zuo, J.
2017The development of building energy conservation in China: a review and critical assessment from the perspective of policy and institutional systemYuan, X.; Zhang, X.; Liang, J.; Wang, Q.; Zuo, J.
2015Economic development, energy consumption, and air pollution: a critical assessment in ChinaYuan, X.; Mu, R.; Zuo, J.; Wang, Q.
2015Assessment of the sustainable development capacity with the entropy weight coefficient methodWang, Q.; Yuan, X.; Zhang, J.; Gao, Y.; Hong, J.; Zuo, J.; Liu, W.
2018Environmental and economic impacts assessment of concrete pavement brick and permeable brick production process - a case study in ChinaYuan, X.; Tang, Y.; Li, Y.; Wang, Q.; Zuo, J.; Song, Z.
2018Exploring the direct rebound effect of energy consumption: a case studyWang, Q.; Gao, Z.; Tang, H.; Yuan, X.; Zuo, J.
2018Environmental impact analysis and process optimization of batteries based on life cycle assessmentWang, Q.; Liu, W.; Yuan, X.; Tang, H.; Tang, Y.; Wang, M.; Zuo, J.; Song, Z.; Sun, J.
2017Addressing the efficiency of the core ecological industrial chain: a DEA approachWang, Q.; Sun, Y.; Yuan, X.; Cao, D.; Zuo, J.; Gao, Z.
2016Optimization of Ecological Industrial Chain design based on reliability theory - a case studyWang, Q.; Yuan, X.; Zuo, J.; Zhang, J.; Hong, J.; Lin, C.
2015Structural evolution of household energy consumption: a China studyWang, Q.; Liu, P.; Yuan, X.; Cheng, X.; Ma, R.; Mu, R.; Zuo, J.