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2012Minimising the impact of resource consumption in the design and construction of buildingsPullen, S.; Chiveralls, K.; Zillante, G.; Palmer, J.; Wilson, L.; Zuo, J.; Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA) Annual Conference (14 Nov 2012 - 16 Nov 2012 : Gold Coast, Queensland)
2013A Framework for adaptation of Australian households to heat wavesSaman, W.; Boland, J.; Pullen, S.; de Dear, R.; Soebarto, V.; Miller, W.; Pocock, B.; Belusko, M.; Bruno, F.; Whaley, D.; Pockett, J.; Bennetts, H.; Ridley, B.; Palmer, J.; Zuo, J.; Ma, T.; Chileshe, N.; Skinner, N.; Chapman, J.; Vujinovic, N.; et al.; Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and NCCARF
2013Sustainability in hydropower development - A case studyLiu, J.; Zuo, J.; Sun, Z.; Zillante, G.; Chen, X.
2012Sustainability policy of construction contractors: A reviewZuo, J.; Zillante, G.; Wilson, L.; Davidson, K.; Pullen, S.
2014Critical factors for project efficiency in a defence environmentFrinsdorf, O.; Zuo, J.; Xia, B.
2013Strategic route map of sulphur dioxide reduction in ChinaYuan, X.; Mi, M.; Mu, R.; Zuo, J.
2013Identifying the critical factors for green construction - an empirical study in ChinaShi, Q.; Zuo, J.; Huang, R.; Huang, J.; Pullen, S.
2016The operational performance of "net zero energy building": a study in ChinaZhou, Z.; Feng, L.; Zhang, S.; Wang, C.; Chen, G.; Du, T.; Li, Y.; Zuo, J.
2017Effects of inter-organizational conflicts on construction project added value in ChinaWu, G.; Zhao, X.; Zuo, J.
2017Green building evaluation from a life-cycle perspective in Australia: a critical reviewZuo, J.; Pullen, S.; Rameezdeen, R.; Bennetts, H.; Wang, Y.; Mao, G.; Zhou, Z.; Du, H.; Duan, H.