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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Urban microclimate: designing the spaces between buildingsErell, E.; Pearlmutter, D.; Williamson, T.
2011Assessing the effectiveness for thermal mass in the building envelopWilliamson, T.; International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference (12th : 2011 : Sydney, Australia)
2011Learning creativity and design for innovationBruton, Dean Christopher
2011Learning from regional analoguesKellett, J.; Ness, D.; Hamilton, C.; Pullen, S.; Leditschke, A.; Australian and New Zealand Association of Planning Schools Conference and World Planning Schools Congress (3rd : 2011 : Perth, Western Australia)
2011Learning from regional climate analogues: Final report October 2011Kellett, J.; Ness, D.; Hamilton, C.; Pullen, S.; Leditschke, A.; National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
2011Speaking to the East: Wright and Kahn in Cold War AsiaSrivastava, A.; International Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (28th : 2011 : Brisbane)
2011Searching for knowledge in the construction extension to the PMBOK guide (third edition)Zhang, F.; Zuo, J.; Pullen, S.; Zillante, G.; Conference on Construction Engineering and Project Management (16 Feb 2011 : Sydney, New South Wales)
2011Adelaide StudiosGrieve, S.
2011Travelling iguanas: cosmopolitanism in contemporary Japanese architectureWorrall, J.D.; Society of Architectural Historians of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference (07 Jul 2011 - 10 Jul 2011 : Brisbane, Australia)
2011Social acceptance of solar energy technologies in China-End users' perspectiveYuan, X.; Zuo, J.; Ma, C.