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2015Improving waste management in construction projects: an Australian studyUdawatta, N.; Zuo, J.; Chiveralls, K.; Zillante, G.
2015La progettazione urbana ecologica per il paesaggio d’acqua della Eco/Smart City di Wuhan = Ecological urban design for the waterscape of the Wuhan Eco/Smart CityPalazzo, E.; Pelucca, B.
2015Transition to a sustainability-oriented construction industry in China: a critical analysis from the multi-level perspectiveChang, R.; Zillante, G.; Soebarto, V.; Zhao, Z.; International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management (ICCREM 2015) (11 Aug 2015 - 12 Aug 2015 : Lulea, Sweden)
2015An expanding and shifting focus in recent environmental health literature: a quantitative bibliometric studyMao, G.; Liu, X.; Du, H.; Zuo, J.; Li, N.
2015How Australian construction contractors responded to the economic downturnZuo, J.; Zillante, G.; Xia, B.; Chan, A.; Zhao, Z.
2015Effective approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste to energy process: a China studyWang, Y.; Yan, Y.; Chen, G.; Zuo, J.; Du, H.
2015Stakeholders' willingness to pay for enhanced construction waste management: a Hong Kong studyLu, W.; Peng, Y.; Webster, C.; Zuo, J.
2015Structural evolution of household energy consumption: a China studyWang, Q.; Liu, P.; Yuan, X.; Cheng, X.; Ma, R.; Mu, R.; Zuo, J.
2015Review of community facilities in Australian retirement villages: a content analysisXia, B.; Skitmore, M.; Zuo, J.; Buys, L.
2015Sustainable retirement village for older people: a case study in Brisbane, AustraliaXia, B.; Zuo, J.; Skitmore, M.; Chen, Q.; Rarasati, A.