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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Practice ~ reflection ~ learning: work experience in planner educationWight, I.; Kellett, J.; Pieters, J.
2017Quantifying the financial impact of climate change on Australian local government roadsBalston, J.; Li, S.; Iankov, I.; Kellett, J.; Wells, G.
2011Urban open space and health: the evidence baseKellett, J.; Rofe, M.
2011Learning from regional analoguesKellett, J.; Ness, D.; Hamilton, C.; Pullen, S.; Leditschke, A.; Australian and New Zealand Association of Planning Schools Conference and World Planning Schools Congress (3rd : 2011 : Perth, Western Australia)
2011Local council infrastructure and climate changeKellett, J.; Iankov, I.; Balston, J.; Vogiatzis, N.; State of Australian Cities National Conference (2011 : Melbourne)
2017Cost comparison of infrastructure on greenfield and infill sitesHamilton, C.; Kellett, J.
2008Lifetime affordable housing in Australia - assessing life-cycle costsHorne, R.; Morrissey, J.; O'Leary, T.; Berry, M.; Hamnett, S.; Kellett, J.; Irvine, S.; Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference (3rd : 2008 : Melbourne, Australia)
2009Urban roof tops: new resource, new problemsKellett, J.; Cole, D.; New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law Conference (2009 : Auckland, New Zealand)
2011A theoretical framework for analysing climate impactAhsan, R.; Kellett, J.; Karuppannan, S.; World Planning Schools Congress (3rd : 2011 : Perth, Western Australia)
2012Addressing the impacts of climate induced migration on urban system: a study of BangladeshAhsan, R.; Karuppannan, S.; Kellett, J.; International Conference and Workshop on the Built Enviroment in Developing Countries (6th : 2012 : Adelaide, South Australia)