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2016Revisiting the role of architectural science in design & practice: 50th International Conference of the Architectural Science Association, 7-9 December 2016, Adelaide, Australia: proceedingsZuo, J.; Daniel, L.; Soebarto, V.
2012Current sustainable development practises in the Malaysian construction industry: Stakeholders' perspectiveShari, Z.; Soebarto, V.; International Conference on Socio-Political and Technological Dimensions of Climate Change (2nd : 2012 : Putrajaya, Malaysia)
2012Delivering sustainable building strategies in Malaysia: stakeholders' barriers and aspirationsShari, Z.; Soebarto, V.
2012Evaluating the suitability of the AccuRate engine for simulation of massive construction elementsDaniel, L.; Soebarto, V.; Williamson, T.; Annual Conference of the Architectural Science Association (46th : 2012 : Gold Coast, Qld.)
2012Learning from 'Earthship' based on monitoring and thermal simulationFreney, M.; Soebarto, V.; Williamson, T.; Annual Conference of the Architectural Science Association (46th : 2012 : Gold Coast, Qld.)
2006Investigating the roles and challenges of building performance simulation in achieving a sustainable built environment: proceedings of the IBPSA Australasia 2006 Conference, The University of Adelaide, Australia, 20-21 November 2006 [CDROM]Soebarto, V.; Marshallsay, L.
2006Challenges for Architectural Science in Changing Climates: Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference of the Architectural Science AssociationShannon, S.; Soebarto, V.
2012Occupant satisfaction in Adelaide's commercial office buildingsMenadue, V.; Soebarto, V.; Williamson, T.; International Conference on Healthy Buildings (10th : 2012 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2011Testing the sensitivity of user patterns in building energy performance simulationWijekoon Mudiyanselage, E.; Soebarto, V.; International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference (12th : 2011 : Sydney, Australia)
2006Judgement in the design of houses: explanations by architects for design decisionsRadford, A.; Soebarto, V.; Williamson, T.; Bennetts, H.; Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association Conference (40th : 2006 : Adelaide, S.A.)