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2013Integrating the dancers with the dance: acknowledging the notion of construction project culture - A literature reviewUdawatta, N.; Zuo, J.; Chiveralls, K.; Zillante, G.; Australasian Universities Building Education Association Conference (38th : 2013 : Auckland, New Zealand)
2013Sustainability in hydropower development - A case studyLiu, J.; Zuo, J.; Sun, Z.; Zillante, G.; Chen, X.
2013Identification and evaluation of the key social competencies for Chinese construction project managersZhang, F.; Zuo, J.; Zillante, G.
2013Appraising corporate sustainability of construction contractors: concepts and approachesZuo, J.; Wilson, L.; Zillante, G.; Pullen, S.; Chileshe, N.
2013Strategic risk assessment for pursuing sustainable business in the construction industry: diagnostic modelsChileshe, N.; Wilson, L.; Zuo, J.; Zillante, G.; Pullen, S.
2013Transdisciplinary charrettes: A research method for sustainable designPalmer, J.; Chiveralls, K.; Pullen, S.; Zuo, J.; Wilson, L.; Zillante, G.
2013Integrating affordable housing and sustainable housing: bridging two merit goods in AustraliaZillante, G.; Pullen, S.; Wilson, L.; Davidson, K.; Chileshe, N.; Zuo, J.; Arman, M.
2013The impact of international forces on the Chinese wind power industryZhao, Z.; Sun, G.; Zuo, J.; Zillante, G.
2013A critical review of factors affecting the wind power generation industry in ChinaZhao, Z.; Yan, H.; Zuo, J.; Tian, Y.; Zillante, G.
2013Supporting and impeding factors for partnering in construction: a China studyZuo, J.; Chan, A.; Zhao, Z.; Zillante, G.; Xia, B.