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2019Considering life-cycle environmental impacts and society's willingness for optimizing construction and demolition waste management fee: an empirical study of ChinaWang, J.; Wu, H.; Tam, V.W.; Zuo, J.
2019A thermal comfort environmental chamber study of older and younger peopleSoebarto, V.; Zhang, H.; Schiavon, S.
2019The living environment and thermal behaviours of older South Australians: a multi-focus group studyvan Hoof, J.; Bennetts, H.; Hansen, A.; Kazak, J.; Soebarto, V.
2019Cold housing in mild-climate countries: a study of indoor environmental quality and comfort preferences in homes, Adelaide, AustraliaDaniel, L.; Baker, E.; Williamson, T.
2019Concurrent assessment of urban environment and cardiometabolic risk over 10 years in a middle-aged population-based cohortDaniel, M.; Carroll, S.; Niyonsenga, T.; Piggott, E.; Taylor, A.; Coffee, N.
2019Precariously placed: housing affordability, quality and satisfaction of Australians with disabilitiesAitken, Z.; Baker, E.; Badland, H.; Mason, K.; Bentley, R.; Beer, A.; Kavanagh, A.
2019An Australian geography of unhealthy housingBaker, E.; Lester, L.; Beer, A.; Bentley, R.
2019Introduction to antipodean health geographiesMavoa, S.; Thornton, L.; Coffee, N.
2019A comparative life-cycle assessment of hydro-, nuclear and wind power: a China studyWang, L.; Wang, Y.; Du, H.; Zuo, J.; Yi Man Li, R.; Zhou, Z.; Bi, F.; Garvlehn, M.
2019ʿIlm: Science, religion, and art in IslamAkkach, S.