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2015Past, current and future of biomass energy research: a bibliometric analysisMao, G.; Zou, H.; Chen, G.; Du, H.; Zuo, J.
2015Indoor environment quality of green buildings: case study of an LEED platinum certified factory in a warm humid tropical climateRavindu, S.; Rameezdeen, R.; Zuo, J.; Zhou, Z.; Chandratilake, R.
2015Effectiveness of pavement-solar energy system - an experimental studyZhou, Z.; Wang, X.; Zhang, X.; Chen, G.; Zuo, J.; Pullen, S.
2015Why sustainable construction? Why not? An owner's perspectiveGan, X.; Zuo, J.; Ye, K.; Skitmore, M.; Xiong, B.
2015Economic development, energy consumption, and air pollution: a critical assessment in ChinaYuan, X.; Mu, R.; Zuo, J.; Wang, Q.
2015Assessment of the sustainable development capacity with the entropy weight coefficient methodWang, Q.; Yuan, X.; Zhang, J.; Gao, Y.; Hong, J.; Zuo, J.; Liu, W.
2015Mapping the scientific research on life cycle assessment: a bibliometric analysisHou, Q.; Mao, G.; Zhao, L.; Du, H.; Zuo, J.
2015Phase change materials for solar thermal energy storage in residential buildings in cold climateZhou, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Zuo, J.; Huang, K.; Zhang, L.
2015Factors influencing the retrofitting of existing office buildings using Adelaide, South Australia as a case studyBruce, T.; Zuo, J.; Rameezdeen, R.; Pullen, S.
2015Attitudinal and behavioural approaches to improving waste management on construction projects in Australia: Benefits and limitationsUdawatta, N.; Zuo, J.; Chiveralls, K.; Zillante, G.