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Type: Journal article
Title: Variation and path coefficient analysis of important agronomic traits in two- and six-rowed recombinant inbred lines of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Author: Shahinnia, F.
Rezai, A.M.
Sayed Tabatabaei, B.E.
Citation: Czech Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding, 2005; 41:246-250
Publisher: Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Date: 2005
ISSN: 1805-9325
Statement of
F. Shahinnia, A. M. Rezai and B. E. Sayed Tabatabaei
Abstract: The variation and relations of fifteen agronomic and morphologic traits (e.g., yield and its components, days to heading and test weight) were evaluated in 42 two-rowed and 57 six-rowed recombinant inbred lines of barley derived from Azumamugi × Kanto Nakate Gold cross. Significant differences were detected among lines for all traits studied. Kernel number/spike, awn length, kernel weight/spike, yield, harvest index and spike length had the highest coefficient of phenotypic variation (39.73%, 35.79%, 34.59%, 32.57%, 31.05% and 27.79%, respectively). Harvest index and biological yield explained more than 90% of total yield variation among two- and six-rowed lines. Discriminant analysis distinguished two- and six-rowed lines with spike length, awn length, kernel weight/spike, peduncle length and harvest index having the highest weight. Phenotypic and genotypic correlations showed a high positive relationship between yield and harvest index, biological yield, test weight, kernel weight/spike and kernel number/spike. Path analysis based on genotypic correlations for grain yield also showed the highest direct effect of kernel number/spike and indirect effect of kernel weight/spike via kernel number/spike.
Keywords: Coefficient of determination; discriminant analysis; genotypic correlations; yield components
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