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2016The smoothed particle hydrodynamics in modelling rock fracture and cavingNguyen, C.; Nguyen, G.; Bui, H.; Karakus, M.; Taheri, A.; International Conference on Geo-mechanics, Geo-energy and Geo-resources (IC3G 2016) (28 Sep 2016 - 29 Sep 2016 : Melbourne, Australia)
2009Ultrasonic evaluation of igneous and metamorphic rocks under compressive loadingKarakus, M.; Tutmez, B.; Kaleci, D.; IMCET 2009 (21st : 2009 : Antalya, Turkey)
2013Metaheuristic analysis of current open cut blasting fragmentation prediction modelsHolland, A.; Iles, M.; Karakus, M.
20062-D and 3-D finite element analyses for the settlement due to soft ground tunnellingKarakus, M.; Fowell, R.; ITA-AITES 2006 World Tunnel Congress and 32nd ITA General Assembly (2006 : Seoul)
2004An insight into the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM)Karakus, M.; Fowell, R.; Regional Rock Mechanics Symposium (7th : 2004 : Sivas, Turkey)
2006Site investigations and convergence measurements for a twin metro tunnel driven in Ankara clay, TurkeyOzsan, A.; Karakus, M.; IAEG International Congress 2006 (10th : 2006 : Nottingham)
2012Equivalent Hoek-Brown shear strength for slope stability analysis in highly fractured rock massShen, J.; Karakus, M.; Xu, C.; ISRM International Symposium (2012 : Stockholm)
2012Numerical modelling for NATM in soft groundKarakus, M.
2012Acoustic emission monitoring of impregnated diamond drilling for deep explorationBoffo, J.; Pocock, A.; Karakus, M.; Xu, C.
2012Probabilistic stability assessment of rock excavationsFaint, L.; Ljubicic, L.; Thomson, S.; Veale, J.; Xu, C.; Karakus, M.; Melkoumian, N.