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2016A size-dependent constitutive modelling framework for localised failure analysisNguyen, G.; Nguyen, C.; Nguyen, V.; Bui, H.; Shen, L.
2017Constitutive modelling of progressive localised failure in porous sandstones under shearing at high confining pressuresNguyen, C.; Nguyen, G.; Das, A.; Bui, H.
2018Coarse-grained modeling of multiphase interactions at microscaleHuang, P.; Shen, L.; Gan, Y.; Nguyen, G.; El-Zein, A.; Maggi, F.
2016Discrete element simulation of dynamic behaviour of partially saturated sandFlores-Johnson, E.; Wang, S.; Maggi, F.; El Zein, A.; Gan, Y.; Nguyen, G.; Shen, L.
2018Influence of dry density and confinement environment on the high strain rate response of partially saturated sandWang, S.; Shen, L.; Maggi, F.; El-Zein, A.; Nguyen, G.; Zheng, Y.; Zhang, H.; Chen, Z.
2014Numerical investigation of the impact behaviour of bioinspired nacre-like aluminium composite platesFlores-Johnson, E.; Shen, L.; Guiamatsia, I.; Nguyen, G.
2017Experimental and numerical investigation of influence of air-voids on the compressive behaviour of foamed concreteNguyen, T.; Bui, H.; Ngo, T.; Nguyen, G.
2017A coupled fluid-solid SPH approach to modelling flow through deformable porous mediaBui, H.; Nguyen, G.
2018A smoothed particle hydrodynamics framework for modelling multiphase interactions at meso-scaleLi, L.; Shen, L.; Nguyen, G.; El-Zein, A.; Maggi, F.
2017A cohesive damage-plasticity model for DEM and its application for numerical investigation of soft rock fracture propertiesNguyen, N.; Bui, H.; Nguyen, G.; Kodikara, J.