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2005Integrated urban system modelling: methodology and case study using multi-agent systemsDaniell, K.; Sommerville, H.; Foley, B.; Maier, H.; Malovka, D.; Kingsborough, A.; International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (16th : 2005 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2008Uncertainty in Environmental Decision Making: Issues, Challenges and Future directionsMaier, H.; Ascough, J.; Wattenbach, M.; Renschler, C.; Labiosa, W.; Ravalico, J.
2018An inverse approach to perturb historical rainfall data for scenario-neutral climate impact studiesGuo, D.; Westra, S.; Maier, H.
2017Impact of evapotranspiration process representation on runoff projections from conceptual rainfall-runoff modelsGuo, D.; Westra, S.; Maier, H.
2017Identification of optimal water supply portfolios for a major cityWu, W.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.; Maheepala, S.; Marchi, A.; Mirza, F.
2015Improving partial mutual information-based input variable selection by consideration of boundary issues associated with bandwidth estimationLi, X.; Zecchin, A.; Maier, H.
2017Multiobjective optimization of distributed stormwater harvesting systemsDi Matteo, M.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.
2013Interpreting streamflow generation mechanisms from integrated surface-subsurface flow models of a riparian wetland and catchmentPartington, D.; Brunner, P.; Frei, S.; Simmons, C.; Werner, A.; Therrien, R.; Maier, H.; Dandy, G.; Fleckenstein, J.
2013Framework for assessing and improving the performance of recursive digital filters for baseflow estimation with application to the Lyne and Hollick filterLi, L.; Maier, H.; Lambert, M.; Simmons, C.; Partington, D.
2018On lack of robustness in hydrological model development due to absence of guidelines for selecting calibration and evaluation data: demonstration for data-driven modelsZheng, F.; Maier, H.; Wu, W.; Dandy, G.; Gupta, H.; Zhang, T.