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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Study of intermediate crack debonding in adhesively plated beamsLiu, I.; Oehlers, D.; Seracino, R.
2007Bond strength of near-surface mounted FRP strip-to-concrete jointsSeracino, R.; Jones, N.; Mohamed Sadakkathulla, M.; Page, M.; Oehlers, D.
2008IC debonding resistance of groups of FRP NSM strips in reinforced concrete beamsOehlers, D.; Muhammad Rashid, R.; Seracino, R.
2008Embedding NSM FRP plates for improved IC debonding resistanceOehlers, D.; Haskett, M.; Wu, C.; Seracino, R.
2004Rehabilitation of Willaston Bridge: Utilization of rivet heads as shear connectorsPaul, A.; Oehlers, D.; Seracino, R.; Austroads Bridge Conference (5th : 2004 : Hobart, Tas.)
2005Towards a generic model of the intermediate crack debonding resistance of plates adhesively bonded to concreteSeracino, R.; Oehlers, D.; Raizal Saifulnaz, M.; International Symposium on Bond Behaviour of FRP in Structures (2005 : Hong Kong, China)
2008Design handbook for RC structures retrofitted with FRP and metal plates: beams and slabsOehlers, D.; Seracino, R.; Smith, S.
2006Moment redistribution parametric study of CFRP, GFRP and steel surface plated RC beams and slabsLiu, I.; Oehlers, D.; Seracino, R.; Ju, G.
2006Vertical shear interaction model between external FRP transverse plates and internal steel stirrupsMohamed Sadakkathulla, M.; Oehlers, D.; Seracino, R.
2006Partial-interaction fatigue assessment of continuous composite steel-concrete bridge beamsSeracino, R.; International Conference on Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete V (18 Jul 2004 : Kruger National Park, South Africa)