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2005Interface friction in the service load assessment of slab-on-girder bridge beamsSeracino, R.; KerbyEaton, S.; Oehlers, D.
2005Generic retrofitting approach for longitudinal plating reinforced concrete beams and slabsOehlers, D.; Seracino, R.; Liu, I.; International Conference on Concrete for Structures (2005 : Coimbra, Portugal)
2002A tiered approach to the fatigue assessment of composite steel and concrete bridge beamsOehlers, D.; Seracino, R.
2002Partial-interaction fatigue assessment of stud shear connectors in composite bridge beamsSeracino, R.; Oehlers, D.; Yeo, M.
2005Shear deformation debonding of adhesively bonded platesOehlers, D.; Liu, I.; Seracino, R.
2005The gradual formation of hinges throughout reinforced concrete beamsOehlers, D.; Liu, I.; Seracino, R.
2006Moment redistribution in FRP and steel-plated reinforced concrete beamsLiu, I.; Oehlers, D.; Seracino, R.
2007Bond tests on FRP retrofitted URM prismsYang, Q.; Willis, C.; Seracino, R.; Xia, S.; Griffith, M.; Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (19th : 2006 : Christchurch, New Zealand)
2005Parametric study of intermediate crack (IC) debonding on adhesively plated beamsLiu, I.; Oehlers, D.; Seracino, R.; International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering (2nd : 2004 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
2004Moment redistribution in adhesively plated RC beams and slabsOehlers, D.; Liu, I.; Seracino, R.; International Conference on Advanced Polymer Composites for Structural Applications in Construction (2nd : 2004 : University of Surrey, U.K.)