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2018Future climate risk from compound eventsZscheischler, J.; Westra, S.; van den Hurk, B.; Seneviratne, S.; Ward, P.; Pitman, A.; AghaKouchak, A.; Bresch, D.; Leonard, M.; Wahl, T.; Zhang, X.
2014A compound event framework for understanding extreme impactsLeonard, M.; Westra, S.; Phatak, A.; Lambert, M.; Van Den Hurk, B.; McInnes, K.; Risbey, J.; Schuster, S.; Jakob, D.; Stafford-Smith, M.
2018Temperature-extreme precipitation scaling: a two-way causality?Barbero, R.; Westra, S.; Lenderink, G.; Fowler, H.
2016Natural hazards in Australia: sea level and coastal extremesMcInnes, K.; White, C.; Haigh, I.; Hemer, M.; Hoeke, R.; Holbrook, N.; Kiem, A.; Oliver, E.; Ranasinghe, R.; Walsh, K.; Westra, S.; Cox, R.
2012Why continuous simulation? The role of antecedent moisture in design flood estimationPathiraja, S.; Westra, S.; Sharma, A.
2012Impact of the El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation, Indian Ocean Dipole, and Southern Annular Mode on Daily to Subdaily Rainfall Characteristics in East AustraliaPui, A.; Sharma, A.; Santoso, A.; Westra, S.
2012Investigating the mechanisms of diurnal rainfall variability using a regional climate modelEvans, J.; Westra, S.
2013A conditional disaggregation algorithm for generating fine time-scale rainfall data in a warmer climateWestra, S.; Evans, J.; Mehrotra, R.; Sharma, A.
2012Continuous rainfall simulation: 1. A regionalized subdaily disaggregation approachWestra, S.; Mehrotra, R.; Sharma, A.; Srikanthan, R.
2014A strategy for diagnosing and interpreting hydrological model nonstationarityWestra, S.; Thyer, M.; Leonard, M.; Kavetski, D.; Lambert, M.