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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Pipeline optimisation via genetic algorithms: from theory to practiceSimpson, A.; Goldberg, D.; International Conference on Pipeline Systems (2nd : 1994 : Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
1992Genetic algorithms applied to structural engineering problemsSchmid, L.; Sved, G.; Simpson, A.
1996Visualisation of transient cavitating flow in piping systemsBergant, A.; Simpson, A.
1998Improving water distribution systems design and operating methodologies using fast steady state network solversEllis, D.; Simpson, A.; International Symposium on Stormwater Management (3rd: 1998: Adelaide, Australia)
1997A review of pipe calibration and leak detection methodologies for water distribution networksSimpson, A.; Vitkovsky, J.; Australian Water and Wastewater Association Federal Convention (17th : 1997: Melbourne , Victoria, Australia)
1996Interesting lessons from column separation experimentsSimpson, A.; Bergant, A.; International Conference on Pressure Surges & Fluid Transients in Pipelines & Open Channels (7th : 1996 : Harrogate, UK)
1990Hydraulic model testing of pump sumpsSimpson, A.; Harrison, R.; Conference on Hydraulics in Civil Engineering (1990 : Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
1998Optimisation of large-scale water distribution system design using genetic algorithmsMurphy, L.; Simpson, A.; Gransbury, J.; Dandy, G.; Australian Water and Wastewater Association WaterTECH Conference (1998 : Brisbane, Queensland)
1999Concept design of water distribution systems using genetic algorithm optimizationMurphy, L.; Dandy, G.; Simpson, A.; Frey, J.; Information Management and Technology Conference, IMTech '99 (1999 : New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
1991Minimum weight structures designed by genetic algorithmsSved, G.; Schmid, L.; Simpson, A.; Asian Pacific Conference on Computational Mechanics (1991 : Hong Kong)