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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Performance of unreinforced masonry structures in the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquake sequenceMoon, L.; Griffith, M.; Dizhur, D.; Ingham, J.; World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (15th : 2012 : Lisbon, Portugal)
2012GIS-based Assessment of Rainfall-induced Riverbank InstabilityLiang, C.; Jaksa, M.; Ostendorf, B.; Australia - New Zealand Conference on Geomechanics (11th : 2012 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2012Performance of retrofitted unreinforced masonry buildings during the Christchurch earthquake sequenceTurner, F.; Elwood, K.; Griffith, M.; Ingham, J.; Marshall, J.; Structures Congress 2012 (29 Mar 2012 - 31 Mar 2012 : Chicago, Illinois)
2012Integration of spatial geophysical data by geostatistical simulationDowd, P.; Pardo-Iguzquiza, E.
2012The edge effect in geostatistical simulationsXu, C.; Dowd, P.; International Geostatistics Congress (9th : 2012 : Oslo)
2012复合填料一维冻胀量数值模拟分析Qi, S.; Deng, A.
2012复合填料热传导过程数值模拟Fang, X.; Deng, A.
201234th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, 19-22 November 2012, Dockside, Cockle Bay, Sydney, AustraliaWestra, S.P.
2012Proposed Update to Masonry Provisions of ASCE/SEI 41: Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing BuildingsTremayne, B.; Turner, F.; Russell, A.; Oliver, S.; Derakhshan, H.; 15th World Conference in Earthquake Engineering (24 Sep 2012 - 28 Sep 2012 : Lisbon, Portugal)
2012A performance comparison of differential evolution and genetic algorithm variants applied to water distribution system optimizationZheng, F.; Simpson, A.; Zecchin, A.; World Environmental and Water Resources Congress (2012 : Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)