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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The edge effect in geostatistical simulationsXu, C.; Dowd, P.; International Geostatistics Congress (9th : 2012 : Oslo)
2012Proposed Update to Masonry Provisions of ASCE/SEI 41: Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing BuildingsTremayne, B.; Turner, F.; Russell, A.; Oliver, S.; Derakhshan, H.; 15th World Conference in Earthquake Engineering (24 Sep 2012 - 28 Sep 2012 : Lisbon, Portugal)
2012Probabilistic stability assessment of rock excavationsFaint, L.; Ljubicic, L.; Thomson, S.; Veale, J.; Xu, C.; Karakus, M.; Melkoumian, N.
2012Discrete element modelling of diamond impregnated drill bit cuttingLimberger-Forte, S.; Xu, C.; Sheikh, A.
2012Equivalent Hoek-Brown shear strength for slope stability analysis in highly fractured rock massShen, J.; Karakus, M.; Xu, C.; ISRM International Symposium (2012 : Stockholm)
2012CFD modelling of the velocity profile within a single horizontal fracture in an enhanced geothermal systemTian, Z.; Mohais, R.; Xu, C.; Zhu, X.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (18th : 2012 : Launceston, Tasmania)
2012Changes to sub-daily rainfall patterns in a future climateWestra, S.; Evans, J.; Mehrotra, R.; Sharma, A.; Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (34th : 2012 : Sydney)
2012Discussion of Jacobian Matrix for Solving Water Distribution System Equations with the Darcy-Weisbach Head-Loss Model" by Angus Simpson and Sylvan ElhayBrkić, D.
201234th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, 19-22 November 2012, Dockside, Cockle Bay, Sydney, AustraliaWestra, S.P.
2012Quantifying the zone of influence of the impact rollerJaksa, M.B.; Scott, B.T.; Mentha, N.L.; Symons, A.T.; Pointon, S.M.; Wrightson, P.T.; Syamsuddin, E.; Recent Research, Advances and Execution Aspects of Ground Improvement Works (30 May 2012 - 01 Jun 2012 : Brussels, Belgium)