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2012Three-dimensional failure criteria based on the Hoek-Brown criterionPriest, Stephen Donald
2012A simple model of fuzzy irrigation depth control: an application of an intelligent state dropping (ISD) mechanismGanji, Arman; Shekarrizfard, M.
2012Contribution of parallel NSGA-II in optimal design of water distribution networksArtina, S.; Bragalli, C.; Erbacci, G.; Marchi, A.; Rivi, M.
2012GIS-based modelling of topographyinduced solar radiation variability in complex terrain for data sparse regionLiu, M.; Bardossy, A.; Li, J.; Jiang, Y.
2012How to connect two scales of behaviour in constitutive modelling of geomaterialsNguyen, G.; Einav, I.; Korsunsky, A.
2012A mechanics solution for hinges in RC beams with multiple cracksVisintin, P.; Oehlers, D.; Wu, C.; Haskett, M.
2012Physically-based modeling of topographic effects on spatial evapotranspiration and soil moisture patterns through radiation and windLiu, M.; Bardossy, A.; Li, J.; Jiang, Y.
2012Sustainable remediation - the application of bioremediated soil for use in the degradation of TNT chipsErkelens, M.; Adetutu, E.; Taha, M.; Tudararo-Aherobo, L.; Antiabong, J.; Provatas, A.; Ball, A.
2012Australian rainfall and runoff revision projects: project 18: interaction of coastal processes and severe weather eventsWestra, S.; Department of Climate Change
2012Comparison of simplified methods for the optimisation of water distribution systemsMarchi, A.; Dandy, G.; 14th Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference (24 Sep 2012 - 27 Sep 2012 : Adelaide, South Australia)