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2013Spatial and temporal variability in seasonal snow densityBormann, K.; Westra, S.; Evans, J.; McCabe, M.
2013The influence of conceptual model structure on model performance: A comparative study for 237 French catchmentsvan Esse, W.; Perrin, C.; Booij, M.; Augustijn, D.; Fenicia, F.; Kavetski, D.; Lobligeois, F.
2013A new method to simulate stress-strain relations from multiple-step loading triaxial compression test resultsTaheri, A.; Tatsuoka, F.
2013Behavior of square and rectangular ultra high-strength concrete-filled FRP tubes under axial compressionOzbakkaloglu, T.
2013Influence of fiber orientation and specimen end condition on axial compressive behavior of FRP-confined concreteVincent, T.; Ozbakkaloglu, T.
2013Simultation of pressure impulse diagrams for foam protected RC membersWu, C.; Sheikh, A.; Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (22nd : 2012 : Sydney, NSW)
2013A benchmarking approach for comparing data splitting methods for modeling water resources parameters using artificial neural networksWu, W.; May, R.; Maier, H.; Dandy, G.
2013Determining optimal proportion of design in design-build request for proposalsXia, B.; Molenaar, K.; Chan, A.; Skitmore, M.; Zuo, J.
2013Evaluating the non-stationarity of Australian annual maximum floodIshak, E.; Rahman, A.; Westra, S.; Sharma, A.; Kuczera, G.
2013A Bayesian analysis of sensible heat flux estimation: quantifying uncertainty in meteorological forcing to improve model predictionErshadi, A.; McCabe, M.; Evans, J.; Mariethoz, G.; Kavetski, D.