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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The RANSAC method for generating fracture networks from micro-seismic event dataFadakar Alghalandis, Y.; Dowd, P.; Xu, C.
2013Axial compressive behavior of square and rectangular high-strength concrete-filled FRP tubesOzbakkaloglu, T.
2013A new unconditionally stable time integration method for analysis of nonlinear structural dynamicsGholampour, A.; Ghassemieh, M.; Karimi-Rad, M.
2013Stage-discharge prediction in straight compound channels using 3D numerical modelsConway, P.; O'Sullivan, J.; Lambert, M.
2013Interpreting streamflow generation mechanisms from integrated surface-subsurface flow models of a riparian wetland and catchmentPartington, D.; Brunner, P.; Frei, S.; Simmons, C.; Werner, A.; Therrien, R.; Maier, H.; Dandy, G.; Fleckenstein, J.
2013Framework for assessing and improving the performance of recursive digital filters for baseflow estimation with application to the Lyne and Hollick filterLi, L.; Maier, H.; Lambert, M.; Simmons, C.; Partington, D.
2013Influence of fiber type on behavior of high-strength concrete-filled FRP tubes under concentric compressionVincent, T.; Ozbakkaloglu, T.; International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Sustainable Infrastructure (2013 : Zhengzhou, China)
2013A new general approach to derive normalised pressure impulse curvesDragos, J.; Wu, C.
2013Simulation of retrofitted unreinforced concrete masonry unit walls under blast loadingAghdamy, S.; Wu, C.; Griffith, M.
2013Cycle-time determination and process control of sequencing batch membrane bioreactorsKrampe, J.