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2019Deterioration and strain energy development of sandstones under quasi-static and dynamic loading after freeze-thaw cyclesZhang, J.; Deng, H.; Taheri, A.; Ke, B.; Liu, C.
2019Benchmarking study of water distribution system solution methodsQiu, M.; Elhay, S.; Simpson, A.; Alexander, B.
2019A software tool for assessing the performance of and implementing water distribution system solution methodsQiu, M.; Alexander, B.; Simpson, A.; Elhay, S.
2019A generic approach to modelling flexible confined boundary conditions in SPH and its applicationZhao, S.; Bui, H.; Lemiale, V.; Nguyen, G.; Darve, F.
2019An experimental study of the active arching effect in soil using the digital image correlation techniqueKhatami, H.; Deng, A.; Jaksa, M.
2019An empirical approach for the quantification of uniaxial compressive stress-strain of partially saturated granular media under high strain ratesWang, S.; Shen, L.; Nguyen, G.; Maggi, F.; El-Zein, A.; Zheng, Y.
2019Design approach for FRP spike anchors in FRP-strengthened RC structuresdel Rey Castillo, E.; Kanitkar, R.; Smith, S.; Griffith, M.; Ingham, J.
2019Bolted joint integrity monitoring with second harmonic generated by guided wavesYang, Y.; Ng, C.; Kotousov, A.
2019Do neighbors influence irrigators’ permanent water selling decisions in Australia?Haensch, J.; Wheeler, S.; Zuo, A.
2019Interfacial shear strength of rubber-reinforced clays: a dimensional analysis perspectiveSoltani, A.; Deng, A.; Taheri, A.; Mirzababaei, M.; Nikraz, H.