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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Discrete element simulation of dynamic behaviour of partially saturated sandFlores-Johnson, E.; Wang, S.; Maggi, F.; El Zein, A.; Gan, Y.; Nguyen, G.; Shen, L.
2016Pre-peak damage thresholds of different rocks in confined and unconfined conditionsTaheri, A.; Munoz, H.; International Conference on Geo-mechanics, Geo-energy and Geo-resources (IC3G 2016) (28 Sep 2016 - 29 Sep 2016 : Melbourne, Australia)
2015Estimating the accuracy of single-mode pushover analysis for unreinforced masonry buildings with flexible diaphragmsNakamura, Y.; Derakhshan, H.; Griffith, M.; Magenes, G.; Tenth Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering (PCEE) (06 Nov 2015 - 08 Nov 2015 : Sydney)
2015Special issue on structural identification and monitoring with dynamic dataNg, C.; Au, S.
2015Comparative study of the impact resistance of thin structuresSantosh, M.; Kumari, A.
2015Cyclic in-plane shear testing of unreinforced masonry walls with openingsAllen, C.; Masia, M.; Page, A.; Griffith, M.; Derakhshan, H.; 10th Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering (06 Nov 2015 - 08 Nov 2015 : Sydney, Australia)
2014Prediction of confined blast loading in single-layer lattice shellsMa, J.; Wu, C.; Zhi, X.; Fan, F.
2017Strength and stiffness of stabilized alluvial silt under frost actionsWang, H.-.B.; Deng, A.; Yang, P.
2010Earthquake reconnaissance: Forensic engineering on an urban scaleGriffith, M.; Ingham, J.; Weller, R.
2016Behaviour of ultra high performance steel fibre concrete reinforced with polymer materials under compression and flexural loadingsSingh, M.; Mohamed Ali, M.; Sheikh, A.; Griffith, M.; Visintin, P.; 8th International Conference on Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites in Civil Engineering (CICE 2016) (14 Dec 2016 - 16 Dec 2016 : Hong Kong)