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2016Three-dimensional flow structure of a non-buoyant jet in a wave-current coexisting environmentXu, Z.; Chen, Y.; Tao, J.; Pan, Y.; Sowa, D.; Li, C.-.W.
2017Shear behaviour of geopolymer concrete beams without stirrupsVisintin, P.; Mohamed Ali, M.; Albitar, M.; Lucas, W.
2015Size dependent axial and lateral stress strain relationships for actively confined concreteVisintin, P.; Chen, Y.; Oehlers, D.
2016Deterioration of bond-slip due to corrosion of steel reinforcement in reinforced concreteFeng, Q.; Visintin, P.; Oehlers, D.
2016Optimum design of phononic crystal perforated plate structures for widest bandgap of fundamental guided wave modes and maximized in-plane stiffnessHedayatrasa, S.; Abhary, K.; Uddin, M.; Ng, C.
2016Efficient quasi-two-dimensional water hammer model on a characteristic gridJang, T.; Wu, Y.; Xu, Y.; Newman, J.; Sun, Q.
2016A strain energy criterion based on grain dislodgment at borehole wall in poorly cemented sandsHashemi, S.; Melkoumian, N.
2017Experimental and numerical investigation of influence of air-voids on the compressive behaviour of foamed concreteNguyen, T.; Bui, H.; Ngo, T.; Nguyen, G.
2018Analytical models to predict structural behaviour of reinforced concrete beams bonded with prestressed fibre-reinforced polymer laminatesAli, M.
2016Analytical-numerical solution for stress distribution around tunnel reinforced by radial fully grouted rockboltsRanjbarnia, M.; Oreste, P.; Fahimifar, A.; Arya, A.