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2016Multiple cut-off grade optimization by genetic algorithms and comparison with grid search method and dynamic programmingCetin, E.; Dowd, P.
2007A Comparison of Methods for the Stochastic Simulation of Rock FracturesDowd, P.; Xu, C.; Mardia, K.; Fowell, R.
2015A simplified coupled hydro-thermal model for enhanced geothermal systemsXu, C.; Dowd, P.; Tian, Z.
1986Geometrical and geological controls in geostatistical estimation and orebody modellingDowd, P.; The 19th International Symposium on the Application of Computers and Operations Research in the Mineral Industry (APCOM) (14 Apr 1986 - 16 Apr 1986 : Pennsylvania State University, USA)
2003Optimal construction and visualisation of geological structuresXu, C.; Dowd, P.
2013Comparison of inference methods for estimating semivariogram model parameters and their uncertainty: The case of small data setsPardo-Iguzquiza, E.; Dowd, P.
2018A Modified Cubic Law for single-phase saturated laminar flow in rough rock fracturesWang, Z.; Xu, C.; Dowd, P.
2013Automatic detection and delineation of karst terrain depressions and its application in geomorphological mapping and morphometric analysisPardo-Iguzquiza, E.; Duran, J.; Dowd, P.
2013Geostatistical modelling of a coal seam for resource risk assessmentPardo-Iguzquiza, E.; Dowd, P.; Baltuille, J.; Chica-Olmo, M.
2011Optimisation of a stochastic rock fracture model using Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulationXu, C.; Dowd, P.; Wyborn, D.; International Symposium of Application of Computers and Operations Research in the Minerals Industry Symposium (35th : 2011 : Wollongong, N.S.W.)