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1997Significance of geometry of backfill on the lateral earth pressure distribution on retaining walls that support cohesive soilsKaggwa, William; Elchalankani, M.
1997Comparison of methods for yield assessment of multiple reservoir systemsDandy, Graeme Clyde; Connarty, M. C.; Loucks, D. P.
1997Determining inputs for neural network models of multivariate time seriesMaier, Holger R.; Dandy, Graeme Clyde
1997Application of probabilistic reasoning in the diagnosis of geotechnical engineering problemsKaggwa, William
1997Modelling cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in the River Murray using artifical neural networksMaier, Holger R.; Dandy, Graeme Clyde
1997The use of artificial neural networks for the prediction of water quality parameters - ReplyMaier, H.; Dandy, G.
1997Uncertainties associated with the visual-tactile method for quantifying the reactivity of expansive soilsJaksa, M.; Cavagnaro, R.; Cameron, D.
1997“So that’s what a flume is!" – making practicals student friendlyMares, P.; Lambert, M.; Copeland, J.; Lewis, S.; Simpson, A.; Griffith, M.; Annual Conference for the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (9th : 1997 : Ballarat, Australia)
1997Computer modelling of hydraulic transients in pipe networks and the associated design criteriaSimpson, A.; Wu, Z.; International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (12th : 1997 : Hobart, Tasmania)
1997A review of pipe calibration and leak detection methodologies for water distribution networksSimpson, A.; Vitkovsky, J.; Australian Water and Wastewater Association Federal Convention (17th : 1997: Melbourne , Victoria, Australia)